episode 96: cam browder (the human experiment)

Episode 96 of the podcast features John talking to Cam Browder, lead singer of the Fort Worth Metalcore band The Human Experiment!

episode 95: david sitting (impending doom)

Episode 95 of the podcast features a very sick Dan and the lovely Sara talking to David Sittig, bassist of Riverside, CA Christian Metal band Impending Doom!

episode 94: john wittlinger (city under siege)

Episode 94 of the podcast features Kevin talking with John Wittlinger, lead singer of Buffalo Pop/Indie band City Under Siege!

episode 93: tyler ross (being as an ocean)

Episode 93 of the podcast features John talking with Tyler Ross, lead guitarist of California Melodic Hardcore band Being As An Ocean!

episode 92: get dead

Episode 92 of the podcast features John talking with Sam King, lead singer of San Francisco Punk Rock band Get Dead!

episode 91: joe taylor (versus)

Episode 91 of the podcast features Dan talking with Joe Taylor, lead singer of Seattle Nu-Metal and Progressive Rock band Versus!

episode 90: mikey sawyer (miss fortune)

Episode 90 of the podcast features John talking with Mikey Sawyer, lead singer of Denver alternative rock band Miss Fortune!

episode 89: young graves

Episode 89 of the podcast features John talking with Chris DiBella, guitarist/vocals of Bethlehem PA melodic hardcore band Young Graves!

episode 88: varsity

Episode 88 of the podcast features John talking with Joey and Chad of NYC post-hardcore and metal band Varsity!

episode 87: next level

Episode 87 is titled Next Level because this is the FIRST podcast with an interactive video background! Obviously this is audio only but the album art is the video background. This episode is about upcoming tours including Metallica, Korn/Stone Sour, In This Moment/Motionless in White and more!

episode 86: colin vieira (slaves)

Episode 86 of the podcast features Kevin Perera talking with Colin Vieira, bassist of Sacramento post-hardcore band Slaves!

episode 85: we're live!

Episode 85 is our first LIVE episode! Both John and Dan talk about a lot of random subjects including new music from All That Remains and Motionless in White, "front-loading" albums, escaping from political talk, cruises and more!

episode 84: andrew michael wells (eidola)

Episode 84 of the podcast features Kevin Perera's first interview for the Behind the Barricade Podcast! Today, Kevin talks with Andrew Michael Wells, lead singer for Salt Lake City experimental band Eidola and touring guitarist for Dance Gavin Dance!

episode 83: zachary scott (it lies within)

Episode 83 of the podcast features Zachary Scott of Flint Michigan electronic metal band It Lies Within! This was the first podcast of 2017 and of course, Dan's microphone got messed up. Other than that, we had a great conversation with Zachary about touring, their IndieGoGo, Facebook and a whole lot more!

episode 82 our moms drove us here

Episode 82 of the podcast features Liam and Paul of New Jersey punk band Our Moms Drove Us Here! This interview was all over the place but it was a fun conversation, to say the least. This is also our last podcast of 2016 so Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone! We'll see you in 2017 for the launch of the Behind the Barricade Network!