episode 81: the fallen prodigy

Episode 81 of the podcast features New York City metal band The Fallen Prodigy! We talk to them about getting started on music, taking lessons, learning guitar on YouTube, opening for a now national touring act and more! 

episode 80: hollow bones

Episode 80 of the podcast features White Plains, NY melodic and hardcore band Hollow Bones! We talk about playing Souled Out Fest with Beartooth/Every Time I Die, their interesting album cover for Lionheart, working on a new concept album and more!

episode 79: felicity

Episode 79 of the podcast features Orlando hard rock and pop rock band Felicity We talk about touring, recording with Andrew Wade, having an attractive lead singer, and more!

episode 78: steve eldridge (sky machine)

Episode 78 of the podcast features Steve Eldridge, drummer of Chicago hard rock band Sky Machine. We talk about him being a producer, drumming in a hard rock band, equating full albums as art and more!

episode 77: sins of motion

Episode 77 of the podcast features Cincinnati, Ohio hard rock and metalcore band Sins of Motion! We talk about the future of their band, the music industry, the Cincinnati Bengals, great Ohio bands and more!

episode 76: no this is patrick

Episode 76 of the podcast features Nashville easy-core band No, This is Patrick! We discuss their cover of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" being picked up on the radio, being an easy-core band from Nashville, their local venue Rocketown, knowing BTB alum Bad Case of Big Mouth and more!

episode 75: jimmy fasulo (ernston and chasing down sunset)

Episode 75 of the podcast features Jimmy Fasulo, lead singer of NJ bands Ernston and Chasing Down Sunset! We talk about youth culture, Metallica, his struggles with alcohol, balancing 2 bands and more! 

episode 74: tanzen

Episode 74 of the podcast features Teddy TanZen, lead singer of Chicago metalcore band TanZen! We talk about their upcoming show on 12/16 at The Bottom Lounge opening for Veil of Maya, writing their latest EP "HEX", the best and worst things about Chicago and more!

episode 73: lorna shore

Episode 73 of the podcast features Adam and Austin of NJ death metal band Lorna Shore! We talk about the new album "Flesh Coffin", their upcoming Outerloop Records show in NYC, opening for Whitechapel, reptile decontamination of food, being down to earth and more!

episode 72: johnny gallivant (chasing safety)

Episode 72 of the podcast features Johnny Galivan, lead singer for NJ hardcore and rock band Chasing Safety! We talk about the new album "Nomad", his upcoming Outerloop Records show in NYC, pissing off crowds and more!

episode 71: tanner allen (youth in revolt)

Episode 71 of the podcast features Tanner Allen, new lead singer for NJ post-hardcore band Youth in Revolt! We talk about the new album "The Broken", his first show coming up in NYC, cover songs and more! 

episode 70: john favicchia

Episode 70 of the podcast features drummer extraordinaire John Favicchia! 

episode 69: greg bilderback (six two and seven)

Episode 69 of the podcast features Greg Bilderback of Gig Harbor alternative band Six Two Seven! 

episode 68: rooney

Episode 68 of the podcast features Dan and Sara speak with Robert Schwartzman of Rooney! They caught up with him at his New York City date at Webster Hall.

episode 67: mike keller (letters from the fire)

Episode 67 of the podcast features Mike Keller, guitarist and founder of San Francisco rock band Letters From The Fire! We talk about being on the road from August 31st to November 9th, changing their band from a male vocalist to a female vocalist, the reception of their debut album "Worth the Pain", the possibility of having a Gilmore Girls themed lyric video and more!