episode 51: greg burgess of allegaeon

Episode 51 features Greg Burgess, lead guitarist of the melodic metal band Allegaeon! Their new album "Proponent of Sentience" comes out 9/23 on Metal Blade Records!

episode 50: the golden episode

Episode 50 features John and Dan looking back at the past 49 episodes and discussing the future of Behind the Barricade! 

episode 49: steve palfreyman

Episode 49 features Steve Palfreyman, founder of the online music community Music Launch Hub and creator of Music Launch Summit!

episode 48: heffron drive

Episode 48 features Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt, also known as Heffron Drive! Thanks to all the Drivers for making #HeffronDriveonBehindtheCade a reality. This is for you!

episode 47: marzi montazeri

Episode 47 features guitarist Marzi Montazeri! He chats with us about his upcoming albums, his top Guitar Heroes and more!

episode 46: approaching troy

Episode 46 features our 1st repeat guest Jake Salazar, lead singer of Long Island alternative rock and pop punk band, Approaching Troy! He chats with us about his new EP "Best Intentions" in stores NOW!

episode 45: jason bitter

Episode 45 features Dan talking with Shadows Fall and Flotsam and Jetsam drummer Jason Bittner! This episode is all about DRUMS!

episode 44: cold rain, reel big fish and ghost town

Episode 44 is our last episode from Warped Tour 2016. We talk with Coldrain, Reel Big Fish and Ghost Town all in this episode. The interviews were too short to have their own episode so we combined them. Wow, we said the word "episode" a lot in 4 sentences. Episode.

episode 43: young guns

Episode 43 is the second to last of our Warped Tour 2016 series! This episode features Gus Wood, the frontman of the English alternative rock band, Young Guns!

episode 42: from ashes to new

Episode 42 is the fifth of our Warped Tour 2016 series! This episode features Chris Musser, the frontman of Lancaster PA nu-metal band From Ashes to New!

episode 41: davey muise of vanna

Episode 41 is the fourth of our Warped Tour 2016 series! This one features Davey Muise, the frontman of legendary Boston post-hardcore band Vanna!

episode 40: reckless serenade

Episode 40 is the third of our Warped Tour 2016 series! This one features Mahopac NY pop-punk/indie rock band Reckless Serenade

episode 39: i see stars

Episode 39 is the second of our Warped Tour 2016 series! This one features Brent Allen, guitarist of the Michigan EHM (electronic hardcore music) band I See Stars! This was one laid back and chill interview talking about their new album Treehouse, how they create music, Snapchat and more.

episode 38: the word alive

Episode 38 is the first of our Warped Tour 2016 series! This one features Telle Smith and Daniel Shapiro from the Phoenix metalcore band The Word Alive! We did something pretty neat here. The interview was over 2 dates at Warped Tour. Tiffany makes her interview debut speaking with Daniel while Tory and John chat with Telle.

episode 37: hydrogen skyline

Episode 37 features Colorado Springs electronic rock band Hydrogen Skyline!