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Band Of The Week

Apollo's daughter


Silence in Solitude


Based out of Southern New Jersey, Silence In Solitude is a metalcore quintet that consists of Shayne Roxas, Colby Hemple, Cody Mitchell, Alexander Coates and Justin Pompper. The band formed in early 2015 and made their debut in September of the following year, having spent the previous year writing, and recording. 

They released their debut album “Resurgence” in December of 2016 which debuted at #20 on iTunes metal charts. They have released music videos for their singles “Suffering”, Deceiver (In Your Wake), and for their cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

“Resurgence is a must-listen for 2016, without a doubt, especially for fans of metal and its sub-genres. If you’re looking for something that is emotionally powerful but not too whiny, aggressive but not hate-filled and will stand the test of time, this is the album you’ve been searching for.”           - New Transcendence


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Imagine the Foo Fighters and Muse stuffed in an underground studio during the "nuclear holocaust" with nothing but Weezer and Radiohead albums to session - yeah, I'd like to be fly on that wall too! Now you can, thanks to SixTwoSeven. Delivering the attitude of an Underdog and the punch of a Champion, SixTwoSeven's chunky guitar riffs, charismatic vocals, and emotional solos are the most beautiful ass whoopin' your ears ever took.

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Stereo Jo

Stereo jo

Stereo Jo is a New Jersey based rock band that mixes in elements of funk and jazz, forming a sound that would make the Dave Mathews Band proud!

Members Jimmy James (lead vocals) and Sal Corollo (drums), are two very technical musicians that play great together on stage and really feed off each other's energy.

Check out their songs below:


Youtube metal pioneers Phil Arnone (chromecelica00) (guitar) and Mike Metal (vocals) lead the way in this talented group of death-metalheads. If you dig old In Flames and Soilwork, this is the band for you!

Deadtide has opened for bands such as Fear Factory and Soilwork and have played numerous shows in the local New York/New Jersey area. 

Check out their EP below, THE GREAT UNKOWN:

New Modern Melodic Death Metal 2017 with clean vocals, Deadtide's TGU EP is a demo for record labels while we're working on the rest of the full album.

Follow DEADTIDE for more melodeath:

FACEBOOK — http://bit.ly/DeadtideOnFacebook
INSTAGRAM — http://bit.ly/DeadtideOnInstagram
TWITTER — http://bit.ly/DeadtideOnTwitter
BAND YOUTUBE CHANNEL — http://bit.ly/Deadtide-YouTube